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Craig Maturi spraying foam isulaton My name is Craig Maturi, owner of FOAM-PRO INSULATING SYSTEMS. I am a spray-in-place polyurethane spray foam insulation contractor based in Grand Rapids, Minnesota that offers service to the residential new construction market, retrofit remodeling, multi-family, commercial, steel buildings, and a wide range of different applications including below/above grade foundation interior/exterior insulation. I offer both rigid closed cell foam and semi-rigid open cell foam. I am a licensed Demilec USA contractor/applicator and have extensive credentials and training for this industry and service.

Demilec USA is my parent company and the #1 spray foam insulation company in the world and has sprayed more than 1,000,000 homes worldwide. I have top of the line Graco equipment to give you the best quality product available in the market today. Please remember that all insulation and polyurethane spray foam is not created equal. I buy the best tested polyurethane spray foam available in the world to pass on to my valuable customers. We provide a lifetime warranty of the foam from losing R-value and from breaking down for the life of the building which is fully transferable with any title change.

I am a totally self contained system so I can apply this service anywhere that is needed, even if there is no power available. Spray foam polurethane insulation is a superior insulating system that will provide the stucture owner substantially lower heating and cooling costs in excess of 40%-60% compared to common insulation systems with fiberglass or cellulose. This has been proven, documented, and is fact. If I am hired to do a complete home and to do a complete spray foam insulation building envelope, the builder would be eligible for a $2,000 tax credit by getting a H.E.R.S. (home energy rating system) rating done.

Craig Maturi Set yourself apart from the competition by building a stronger, healthier, energy efficient home! Please contact me at (218) 999-5291 with any questions or comments. I am a available for presentations with samples at your convenience. I also provide free, in depth estimates.
I will look forward to working with you.

20648 Crystal Springs Loop • Grand Rapids, MN 55744
Office: 218-999-5291 • Cell: 218-301-6567 • Fax: 218-999-7793

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