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Heatlok® brings The Green Advantage to spray foam insulation. Heatlok® is a spray foam insulation that gives, in a single application, an engineered building envelope with a high long-term thermal resistance, an excellent air barrier, and a recognized vapor retarder. This high performance closed cell rigid polyurethane foam is used for commercial and residential perimeter wall insulation and is a spray-applied by authorized applicators. Heatlok® is energy efficent, is soy and vegetable oils, recycled and renewable resources, zero ozone depletion, and has a minimum impact on the environment.

Heatlok Soy Closed Cell Foam Heatlok® Spray Foam Insulation is:

  • Highest R-value in the industry
    (1"= R7.14")
  • Energy Efficient
  • Exceptional air sealing
  • Heating and cooling cost savings
  • Recycled and renewable resources
  • Soy and vegetable oils
  • Ecological spray foam
  • Zero ozone depletion
  • Minimum impact on environment
  • Reduces Moisture-Related Problems

HEATLOK® is a high performance Rigid Foam Insulation that is spray- applied exclusively by Approved Applicators under the employ of Authorized Contractors.

The high closed cell content and the monolithic application of the rigid spray foam makes it appropriate for use on exterior walls of residential structures and high and low-rise buildings. A number of studies conducted by the United States Department of Energy shows that 40% of energy loss from residential construction is due to air leakage. Rigid spray foam exhibits a very low air leakage and can be classified as a Type 2 vapor retarder. Controlling moisture and the prevention of dew point within wall assemblies is necessary for the prevention of premature decay and the growth of mold and mildew. Rigid spray foam applied on the exterior of buildings can assume the role of both the drain plane and the rain screen providing an excellent water resistive barrier..

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